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Dear Members

I am very proud and happy to be the new President of YEHS. It's a pleasure and an honor to takeover from Letizia, our out coming President (and actual vice-President), in this role.

As past-Secretary, I am well aware of the big responsibility of being President of YEHS as well as the devotion it requires

As incoming President, my goal is to keep promoting the values and aims of YEHS and grow it. First things we will work on with the new board are an update of our bylaws, to get more directly involved with FESSH and create new events similar to our first webinar of April 6th.

After the recent online election we can reveal the new YEHS board:

Vice President: Letizia Marenghi
Secretary and Head of educational/fellowship committee: Marina Brndusic
Head of Congress scientific advisory committee: Giuseppe Rovere
Head of Social Media and communication committee: Julia Ruston

I'm looking forward to working with this wonderful team, to continuously increase the number of YEHS members and to accept any advice or criticism.

Thank you,

Camillo Fulchignoni

2022 YEHS board elections are coming up – these are your candidates…

Elections will take place online from May 26th to May 29th. Check your candidates curriculums and don’t forget to vote: if you are a YEHS member you’ll soon receive the link to vote on your email.

See candidates info in this Dropbox folder

Dear Members,

A lot of events of storical impact have happened and are still happening close to us. They have obliged us to change our way of living and working trying to find new solutions. The on-line network has helped to keep in touch and spread knowledge.

For these reasons and to ensure the maximum attendance, this year again the YEHS General Assembly is scheduled on-line on May 31st. This event gives us the possibility to show you all what YEHS is working on, the project accomplished, the new ideas and the new organization.

With this message I would also announce the call for the candidacy for the election of the new YEHS board. We really hope for a massive participation and involvement of members in order to make YEHS even more a melting pot of new people and ideas.

Elections for renewal of YEHS Board are coming-up soon (26-29th of May with on-line voting).

My recommendation for the next president of YEHS is Camillo Fulchignoni, our Secretary. He is giving fundamental support and is perfectly managing the hard work behind the scenes of YEHS.

YEHS is also looking for a new Secretary and Head of Education/ Fellowship Committee, a new Head of Social Media and Communications Committee and a new head for the Congress Scientific Advisory Committee. You can find more infos in this website under organization section and reading our bylaws (that you can find at the same section)

Please let us know if you are interested in running for a free position by sending an email with your curriculum and a short paragraph to introduce yourself (5 lines) to info@yehs.eu by 15th of May!

Kind regards

Letizia Marenghi
YEHS president

Dear Members,

I am incredibly excited to officially begin my first term as President of YEHS despite the difficult times we are in. I’m following on from the leadership of our amazing outgoing President, Inga Besmens with whom I’ve worked with since YEHS‘s inception in 2017.

As past-Secretary, I connected with FESSH to build relationships, collaborate on events and create awareness and understanding for our goals. Moreover, I tried to welcome new members to spread our ideas, offer help and support and latterly I helped with Social Media creating a strong relationship with the FESSH Social Media committee as part of that committee also.

As incoming President, my goal is to keep promoting the values and aims of YEHS and grow it. We will aim to expand the committee in order to look for new ideas, collaborations and strengthen the community involvement. Each member of the board and committee will have a specific area of focus, and each will bring a diversity of thought, talent and passion to the YEHS mission.

After the recent on-line election we can reveal the new YEHS board:

Vice President: Inga Besmens
Secretary and Head of educational/fellowship committee: Camillo Fulchignoni
Head of Congress scientific advisory committee: Alessandro Crosio
Head of Social Media and communication committee: Elisabeth Haas

I’m certain that we will work together as one team to empower and improve YEHS. We will encourage and support the membership throughout the year to engage, give feedback, and add their voice to our initiatives.

I am honored to lead and work with such an amazing team. But nothing we do would have been possible without the strong will of Dr. Maurizio Calcagni to help found YEHS and pledge FESSH’s support during the initial years.

In the next two years of my mandate, I hope we can continue to serve the evolving needs of this community and find new resources in this uncertain and volatile time.

I look forward to do my best as your new YEHS president.

Thank you,

Letizia Marenghi

YEHS board elections are coming up – these are your candidates….

Pick your candidates and stay tuned for more infos on the voting process.

See candidates info in this Dropbox folder

Dear Everyone,

This has been a challenging time for all of us but as life goes on and things are (hopefully) getting better we don't want to forget that YEHS will need to vote on a new executive board. We want you to be part of this either by running for a position or by voting.

As you know YEHS' goals are to

  • facilitate networking between young hand surgeons across Europe
  • help FESSH to
    • improve hand surgery training in Europe
    • enable knowledge transfer between surgeons and institutions (e.g. traveling fellowships etc.)
    • promote research opportunities
    • install training courses, e-learnings, webinars
  • represent interests of trainees in hand surgery

We are a part of FESSH

I will step down as president this season and recommend Letizia Marenghi who has been Secretary up until now and has been doing a fantastic job for president of YEHS.

We will also be looking for a new Secretary and Head of Education/ Fellowship Committee, a new Head of Social Media and Communications Committee and a new head for the Congress Scientific Advisory Committee.

Please let us know if you are interested in joining us by sending an email to info@yehs.eu

See you all soon (at least virtually ;)


Dear Colleagues,

It is such a pleasure to welcome you all to our new website.

As you may know YEHS – Young European Hand Surgeons was founded with the support of Dr. Maurizio Calcagni, the current FESSH Secretary General, at the annual FESSH conference in Budapest in 2017.

Our goal is facilitate networking between young hand surgeons across Europe and to help FESSH to improve hand surgery training in Europe, to enable knowledge transfer between surgeons and institutions (e.g. traveling fellowships etc.), to promote research opportunities and to install training courses etc

And of course we are also here to represent the interests of trainees in hand surgery in Europe, your interests.

Find out more about who we are and what we have been up to, and check back regularly as this site is still work in progress…

We are looking forward to working together with all of you to make hand surgery training in Europe the best there is.

Kind regards,

Inga Besmens


YEHS logo


Download Bylaws of YEHS

Executive Board members

Camillo Fulchignoni

Ortopedia e chirurgia della mano
Policlinico Gemelli
Via della Pineta Sacchetti 217, 00168, Roma

Vice President
Letizia Marenghi

Clinica Orthopedica
Azienda Ospedaliero Universitaria
Via Gramsci 14
43126 Parma

Secretary and Head of educational/fellowship committee
Marina Brndusic

Clinic of Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology
Clinical Centre of Serbia
University of Belgrade

Head of Congress scientific advisory committee
Giuseppe Rovere


Head of Social Media and communication committee
Julia Ruston


Standing Committees

Strategy Committee

Responsible for reviewing and advising on the long-term objectives and strategy of the association including all legal aspects.

Congress Scientific Advisory Committee

Responsible to provide appropriate advice to the Executive Board and the General Assembly regarding all scientific activities of the YEHS at the FESSH congress in alignment with the respective FESSH conference president/ planning committee.

Education/ Fellowship Committee

The Committee shall submit opinions to the Executive Board and to the General Assembly on all aspects relating to education, training and promotion of hand surgery and the exchange of knowledge e.g. through fellowships across Europe.

Social Media and Communications Committee

Responsible for maintaining the association's social media presence (e.g. Facebook page) and planning and managing all internal and external communications activities, this includes the regular (at least quarterly) distribution of the electronic "YEHS Newsletter" to all members and the Advisory Board.

Past presidents


Inga Besmens (Switzerland)

National delegates

(to contact a national delegate please write to info@yehs.eu)

Johannes Mayer
Department of Plastic,Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery ; University Hospital St.Pölten ; Karl Landsteiner University of Health Sciences

Michiel Cromheecke
AZ Maria Middelares, Department of orthopaedic surgery and traumatology, Buitenring-Sint-Denijs 30, Ghent

Liliya Efremova
Hand, Wrist and Peripheral Nerves Department, University Hospital, Strasbourg (FRANCE)

Czech Republic
Martin Vlach
Institute of Hand and Plastic Surgery in Vysoké nad Jizerou

Eske Brand
Hand surgery department, Slagelse Hospital


Matti Aronen
Turku university Hospital

Antoine Martins
Hand, Wrist and Peripheral Nerves Department, University Hospital, Strasbourg

Athanasios Terzis
Department of Plastic, Hand and Reconstructive Microsurgery, BG Trauma Center Frankfurt, Germany

Zisis Kyriazis
Department of Orthopaedic Surgery and Trauma, Evaggelismos Hospital, Athens

Nora Peterfy
Department Of Traumatology and Hand Surgery of St. John Hospital 

Rachel Enright
Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Specialist Registrar, Royal College of Surgeons Ireland

Shai Factor
Hand Surgery Unit, Orthopedic Surgery Division, Tel Aviv Medical Center, Tel Aviv

Francesco Maria Locatelli
ASST settelaghi di Varese S.S.D Microchirurgia e Chirurgia della Mano 

Vadim Nefjodov
Microsurgery Centre of Latvia

North Macedonia
Magdalena Manasieva
Orthopaedic Ward at "Ss. Cyril and Methodius" University in Skopje Republic of North Macedonia

Johanne Korslund

Marta Twardowska
Hand Surgery Department, Poznań University of Medical Sciences

Elisabete Fernanda Magalhães Ribeiro
Department of Orthopaedics and Traumatology, Hospital de Braga, Braga

Andrei Popa
Colentina Clinical Hospital, Bucharest

Alexey Hentov
S Yudina City Hospital, Mosow

Marina Brndusic
Clinic of Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology, Clinical Centre of Serbia, University of Belgrade

Sergi Alabau
icatMA (ICATME). Hospital Quiron-Dexeus, Barcelona

Hedvig Detert
Hand- and Plastic surgery department, Linköping University hospital, Sweden

Simon Roner
Hand Surgery Unit; Department of Surgery; Grisons Cantonal Hospital

The Netherlands
Mischka Kolodzynski
St Antonius Hospital Utrecht/Nieuwegein

Mert Asfuroglu
Fehmi Cumalıoğlu City Hospital, Department of Hand Surgery, Tekirdağ

Christina Lipede
Hand Department, Salfold Royal NHS Foundation Trust, Manchester

Iurii Shamrai
Mykolaiv city hospital #4, Department of plastic and reconstructive surgery


SURVEY on Information Resources

How do we as Hand Surgeons Obtain Knowledge and Information? Does this change as we progress through different stages of training and become consultants? What Resources do we use to acquire knowledge and information?

The YEHS would be very grateful if you can help us find this out by answering our short survey (no more than 10 min) about your information sources

Open the survey

SURVEY: Publication Practice of Young Hand Surgeons

Dear Colleague,

This survey reviews publication practice among young hand surgeons. We would like to get to know which resources are available for you, but also which obstacles you face.

This information will allow us to understand how you are prepared for this part of your job and what you would need to improve your publication practice.

We are interested in how you obtain information about Hand Surgery, irrespective of you are an Orthopaedic Surgeon, a Plastic Surgeon or a Hand Surgeon.

Your participation is, and will remain, completely anonymous, but we would be grateful if you could fill in the following demographics about yourself.

Open the survey

1st YEHS Online Event

How to survive the end of residency: tips and tricks

6 April 2022 / 6:30 – 8:30pm CEST

Chairs: Jonathan Hobby (UK) – Elisabeth Haas (D)

Letizia Marenghi (YEHS President)
Alessandro Crosio (Head of Advisory Scientific Congress Committee)

Training in hand surgery: how to balance hard work, training experiences and life
Rasmus Thorkildsen (NO)

Acute ligament injuries of the wrist: management of wrist sprain (SL dissociation and ulnar corner pain)
Chihab Taleb (F)

Finger Amputation: management of early cases
Florian Früh  (CH)

How to manage complications after carpal tunnel and cubital tunnel decompression
Christina Lipede (UK)

1st IFSSH Triathlon – let us entertain you!

At the 14th IFSSH Congress in Berlin we wanted to offer a more active “social event”. Therefor due to our Vice president’s hobby of triathlon we decided to organize a fun triathlon with a sightseeing effect in the capital city.

We were surprised how many sporty hand surgeons signed up in advance for the event. Unfortunately, we had to limit the number of participants on 25 this first time for organizational reasons….

People from all over the world registered for the fun race and due to perfect weather everyone reached the finish line. Swim start was in the south of Berlin in a rather small lake named “Krumme Lanke”. 600 meters open water swim had to be overcome without wetsuit – due to a25degree water temperature. After swim exit the athletes were transported to an indoor cycling center and had to spin 20k there. Of course time was taken for all three disciplines. Afterwards cabs were ordered to take the sporty surgeons to the city center (Tiergarten) for the final run of 5k with view to the Brandenburg Gate at the finishline. The “After race party” with alcohol free german beer and Bananas in the Tiergarten was the end of a great active day with a lot of happy faces.

And the winner Nikolay Karpinsky (35 years old) from Russia was so kind to write a short report in his view:

Triathlon is like handsurgery: you should be good in different disciplines and combine your skills. It can be fast as sprint distances and long as ironman, so as handsurgery from carpal tunnel to free femoral osteochondral graft.
Triathlon is always a challenge, so is every case a surgeon does. Everyone may see your results at the end and your photos with ironman medal, but very few know about your training and learning to achive this goals.

I was very happy when I realised that i am not the only triathlete in the field. Elli did a great job to organise the event, it was true fan and competition.

This year in Berlin I failed to pass The Exam, at least I won the triathlon. See you next year in Bazel, i can pass to the new winner my tri-medal and change to FESSH-diploma :)

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